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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Death of a Cop


"Death of a Cop" was originally broadcast on 24/May/1963 as part of the first season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


When policeman Philip Reardon is killed in drug bust, his police officer father feels responsible because his son joined the police force to follow in his father's footsteps. In order to set things right, Philip's father strives to brings his son's killers and their mob boss Herbie Lane to justice. The plan leads to his own death at the hands of the criminals, but in death he is able to fulfill his goal. Before the murder he had stationed a fellow officer nearby to witness the killing and bring the entire gang to justice. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this episode:

9092.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete First Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1

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