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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour - Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog

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"Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog" was originally broadcast on 18/Jan/1963 as part of the first season of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


One night when her husband is away, Karen Wilson is frightened when a man named Manuel Sanchez comes pounding on her door. He claims to be out of gas. Karen refuses to let him in and he must walk to a gas station. Later Karen hears a scream. She is told by the police that Sanchez's girlfriend who was waiting in the car was murdered while he was walking to the gas station. Karen suspects a neighboring writer named Simon Carter. The next evening Simon comes to Karen's home. She is rescued by her three surfing friends. Karen, however, is shocked to discover that her three friends are in fact the murderer's of Sanchez's girlfriend. They have her trapped, but she is rescued by Sanchez. He was returning to get even with her for contributing to the death of his girlfriend, but he manages to save her life instead. (TV.com)

DVD Releases

The following official DVD releases contain this episode:

9092.gif The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Complete First Season - Madman Entertainment (Australia, 2013)
PAL 1.33:1

Hitchcock Says...


Hitchcock is holding what appears to be a surfboard.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and fellow surfers. This evening's drama is only incidentally concerned with surfing. Actually it touches on many popular sports: drinking, revenge, kidnapping, homicide...

I first became attracted to surfing when I was told that it was possibly the only sport which involved no competition and where the participants did not throw or catch a ball, or run and jump. It seemed to be a perfect way to relax from the strain of oversleeping. I've become quite good at it really, and I'm eager to see how it works in the water. You see, we're still looking for a wave large enough to support me.

Meanwhile, here is a sponsor who is supporting this portion of the programme.

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Hitchcock reveals that he is really holding an ironing board.

This is my final appearance tonight. However, we have some scenes of next week's story, which I'm anxious for you to see. As for surfing, I've just discovered why one sees so many of these about -- at the beach, on the highway, on top of automobiles, etc -- it's because they are so practical. Goodnight!

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