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The Mountain Eagle (1926) - locations

A second joint production between Gainsborough Pictures and German studio Emelka, The Mountain Eagle included some problematic location filming in the Austrian Tyrol mountains followed by a return to Emelka's Geiselgasteig studios near Munich.

The location the film was supposed to be set in is uncertain — a number of sources, including Hitchcock, named it as the hills of Kentucky, but contemporary newspaper reviews gave a variety of locations, from Europe to the American North West. It is possible the film contained an intertitle card stating the location and that this was localised for the country the print was being screened in.[1]


List of Locations

Notes & References

  1. If the film did have differing intertitles for the prints, this would explain why Nita Naldi's character is named by different reviewers as Beatrice Brent, Beatrice Talbot and Gladys Martin.