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The Simpsons: Bart of Darkness

The following Hitchcock references appear in this episode of The Simpsons...

Rear Window (1954)

Most of the episode pays homage to "Rear Window", as an incapacitated Bart thinks he's seen Ned Flanders murder his wife Maude. The episode even has a James Stewart look-a-like discovering that someone is watching him!

simpsons_12_01a.jpg simpsons_12_01b.jpg

simpsons_12_02a.jpg simpsons_12_02b.jpg

simpsons_12_03a.jpg simpsons_12_03b.jpg

simpsons_12_04a.jpg simpsons_12_04b.jpg

simpsons_12_05a.jpg simpsons_12_05b.jpg

Jimmy Stewart panics when he thinks Bart is coming to get him...

"Awww no... that sinister looking kid is coming to kill me! Help! Help! Helwwwaaahhh!"