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The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XX

The following Hitchcock references appear in this episode of The Simpsons...


Dial M for Murder (1954)

One of the episodes is titled "Dial M for Murder or press # to return to main menu"

simpsons_14_03a.jpg simpsons_14_03b.jpg

Strangers on a Train (1951)

Opening shot is a close up of shoes...

simpsons_14_02a.jpg simpsons_14_02b.jpg

Bart pursuades Lisa to swap murders ("Criss-cross!")...

simpsons_14_04a.jpg simpsons_14_04b.jpg

Bart establishes his alibi by mooning the spectators at a tennis match...

simpsons_14_05a.jpg simpsons_14_05b.jpg

simpsons_14_06a.jpg simpsons_14_06b.jpg

To the horror of Lisa, Bart carries out his murder of Miss Hoover...


Whilst slicing some paper, Miss Krabappel drops her cigarette lighter...

simpsons_14_09a.jpg simpsons_14_09b.jpg

simpsons_14_10a.jpg simpsons_14_10b.jpg

simpsons_14_11a.jpg simpsons_14_11b.jpg

...and, when Lisa fails to kill Krabappel, Bart reminds her of their deal...

simpsons_14_12a.jpg simpsons_14_12b.jpg

The final showdown takes places on a roundabout...

simpsons_14_27a.jpg simpsons_14_27b.jpg

simpsons_14_28a.jpg simpsons_14_28b.jpg

simpsons_14_29a.jpg simpsons_14_29b.jpg

Vertigo (1958)

When Lisa sees the head of the murdered Miss Hover, the background zooms away from her, mimicing the famous "Vertigo" camera effect...

simpsons_14_08a.jpg simpsons_14_08b.jpg

Lisa chases Bart up a ladder...

simpsons_14_13a.jpg simpsons_14_13b.jpg

North by Northwest (1959)

We hear the famous music from "North by Northwest" as Lisa chases Bart up a ladder...

simpsons_14_13a.jpg simpsons_14_13b.jpg

As Bart tries to escape from Lisa, he accidentally knocks Alfred Hitchcock off the top of Mount Rushmore...

simpsons_14_15a.jpg simpsons_14_15b.jpg



simpsons_14_18a.jpg simpsons_14_18b.jpg

Psycho (1960)

When Lisa sees the head of the murdered Miss Hover, we hear the "Shower Scene" strings from "Pyscho"...

simpsons_14_08a.jpg simpsons_14_08c.jpg

Bart runs past the Bates House...

simpsons_14_14a.jpg simpsons_14_14b.jpg

The Birds (1963)

Bart runs past a jungle gym...


Spellbound (1945)

Lisa chases Bart through a Dali-esque landscape and we then see Bart with the school psychologist...








Alfred Hitchcock Presents (TV)

The episode ends with Hitchcock's famous profile...