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The Times (18/Jan/1928) - The Film World

(c) The Times (18/Jan/1928)



Activity in British film studios is increasing each day, as the result of the Cinematograph Films Act, which imposes a quota of British films on every renter and exhibitor in this country. Many new companies have been formed, and more are in process of formation, while several old-established companies have started producing again. It is confidently expected that during the year more than 100 British “feature” films will have been made — more than enough to supply the immediate needs of renters and exhibitors as the result of the introduction of the quota system.

Whitehall Films, Limited, are to make “Baccarat” with Mr. Arthur Pusey, directed by Sir. Adelqui Millar, “Flotsam” by Mr. David Millar, and several other productions. Studios are being built at Elstree. From British Filmcraft are to come “Lady Godiva”, with Miss Gladys Jennings, Mr. Koy Travers, and Mr. Syd Ellery ; “The Man in the Iron Mask”, with Miss Gabrielle Morton and Mr. G. H, Mulcaster; “David Garrick” ; “The Vanished Hand” ; “Macabre” ; “The Princes in the Tower” ; “The Lyons Mail” and “The Blue Peter”, with Mr. Matheson Lang. British International Pictures, which made “The Ring”, “Poppies in Flanders”, and “The Silver Lining”, are at present at work on “The Farmer's Wife”, “A Little Bit of Fluff”, and “Moulin Rouge”. Future productions include “Champagne”, with Miss Betty Balfour, directed by Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, and “Tommy Atkins”.