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The Times (22/Oct/1935) - Films to come

(c) The Times (22/Oct/1935)



Mr. George Arliss is once more to forsake historical robes for the sombre civilian dress of the twentieth century. His next appearance on the screen will be as Mr. Reeder in a film adaptation of Mr. Edgar Wallace's story "The Mind of Mr. J. G. Reeder."

Though in previous stories Mr. Reeder disclaimed the title of detective, his new appointment in the book to be filmed made it necessary for him to show even greater activity than of old in fathoming and frustrating the best laid schemes of cunning rogues. The part of a detective will be new to Mr. Arliss, whose film portraits during recent years have ranged from Disraeli and the Duke of Wellington to Cardinal Richelieu and Voltaire. Work on the production will begin immediately under the direction of Miss Maude Howell and Mr. Graham Cutts, and among the.supporting cast will be Mr. Godfrey Tearle, Miss Hilda Trevelyan, Miss Kay Hammond and Mr. Percy Parsons.

From the same company — the Gaumont-British — there will be issued early next year The Secret Agent, a film version of Mr. Somerset Maugham's "Ashenden," with Miss Madeleine Carroll, Mr. John Gielgud, Mr. Peter Lorre, and Mr. Robert Young as the principal players. Mr. Alfred Hitchcock, whose melodrama The Man Who Knew Too Much gained for him the gold medal of the Institute of Amateur Cinemato-graphers, will direct the film. With characteristic thoroughness Mr. Hitchcock has already travelled 3,000 miles in search of local colour.

The Film Society will open its eleventh season at the New Gallery Cinema on Sunday with Three Songs of Lenin, a Soviet documentary film directed by Dziga-Vertov, whose earlier films, The Man with the Movie Camera and Enthusiasm, were presented by the society some years ago. Among the short subjects will be two examples of colour, as applied respectively to cartoon and natural objects, and Coal Face, a John Grierson production.