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Themes - birds

Hitchcock often used birds in his film to symbolise impending doom.

  • The 39 Steps (1935) — "What causes pip in poultry?"
  • Sabotage (1936) - the birdcage bomb, "the birds will sing at 1.45", and the "Cock Robin" cartoon
  • Young and Innocent (1937) - seagulls announce the murder on the beach
  • Foreign Correspondent (1940) - a bird nearly gives away the hero hiding in the windmill
  • Vertigo (1958) - "Elster" is German for "mockingbird" and Kim Novak wears a pin shaped like a bird on the first trip to San Juan Bautista
  • Psycho (1960) - Norman's stuffed birds and Marion Crane (from Phoenix) eating like a bird
  • The Birds (1963) - everywhere!