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Topaz (1969) - trivia

Trivia for Topaz (1969).

Did You Know?

  • The shop that the Kusenovs visit just before their defection is Den Permanente ("The Permanent"), which housed an exhibition of Danish Arts and Crafts. It was founded in 1931 as a cooperative by Danish artists and craftsmen, but closed in the 1980s. A poster advertising Den Permanente appears in Hitchcock's previous film, Torn Curtain.[1]
  • In the opening sequence when the Kusenovs defect to the West, their daughter Tamara (Tina Hedström) stumbles into the path of a cyclist and is knocked down. The scene is clearly played by a stuntwoman wearing protective padding around her knees.
  • Actress Karin Dor dubbed her own voice in the German version of the film.

Alternative Cast

  • André Devereaux: Sean Connery
  • Nicole Devereaux: Catherine Deneuve

Alternative Titles

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz (complete US/UK title)
  • L'étau (France)
  • Topas (Germany)

Release Dates

Notes & References

  1. Los Angeles Times: Not Everything Is Permanent in Copenhagen