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Toronto Star (12/Jan/1991) - Rape scene appalling



Rape scene appalling

Dear Editor:

For the first time, I tuned in to watch a recent episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents... Global-TV. From the moment I saw Hitchcock colorized, I had an idea that this program would not be an episode from the original series, but I was intrigued. After several minutes, I was appalled and nauseated.

I witnessed one of the most graphic and violent rape scenes I have ever seen, either on television or in a movie. A woman's clothes were being torn off while she was being pinned to her living room floor. The woman was shown naked from the waist down with the attacker's body shielding her pubic area. We saw the attacker take off his own shirt and actually mount his victim, while repeatedly punching her in the face until she coughed up blood.

There was no notice at the beginning of the show to warn parents it was unsuitable for children, no mention of it being an adults-only episode. Yet the rape scene looked and sounded real enough to give me a sense of being victimized myself.

I would like to think that the rest of the series isn't in the same mindless vein. If it is, (Global TV) should consider showing this piece of "entertainment" at a more suitable hour, say midnight or later.

I'm sure Sir Alfred Hitchcock is spinning in his grave over having his name attached to such gratuitous violence.

Catherine Johnson, Toronto