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Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey, Southwark, London

Tower Bridge Road (A100), formerly known as Bermondsey New Road, runs from London's Tower Bridge to the Old Kent Road.[1]

79 Tower Bridge Road

At some point around 1890, Alfred Hitchcock (b. 1860) (uncle of film director Alfred Hitchcock) opened a fishmonger and poultry shop at 79 Bermondsey New Road, where he lived his wife Emma and son, Alfred Charles.

In 1894, he was fined for selling geese which were "unfit for the food of man".

From 1930 until at least 1939, Alfred Charles' cousin William John Hitchcock (brother of the director) lived at the shop with his wife Lilian. According to Hitchcock biographers, they had to leave the shop due to bombing during the London Blitz.

When Alfred Charles died in 1944, he bequeathed the freehold of the shop to Lilian in his last will and testament.

The property is currently a Greggs outlet.[2]

Archive Maps

On this archive map from 1895, number 79 is shaded red.[3]


This 1931 video was filmed at the southern end of Tower Bridge Road at the time William John Hitchcock (brother of the director Alfred Hitchcock) was living at number 79.

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Historical Records


Clerkenwell News (28/Oct/1868)

SITUATION wanted by a respectable Lad ; knows town well and can drive ; aged 17. Address 79, Bermondsey New-road.

Clerkenwell News (06/Sep/1870)

CONFECTIONERY Business. — Home, double-fronted Shop, must be Sold ; suit any business ; Coffee Shop much wanted, none near ; small premium for fixtures. Apply 79, Bermondsey New-road.

Electoral Register

The 1891 Census gives Alfred Hitchcock residing at the address with his wife, son and stepchildren. However, the Electoral Register doesn't begin listing him at the address until 1893.

  • 1890 — Simon Gottleib
  • 1891–1892 — Joseph Wood (also 77 Tower Bridge Road)
  • 1893–1920 — Alfred Hitchcock
  • 1922–1927 — Benjamin Danzey & Sarah Danzey[4]
  • 1928–1929 — no-one is listed at the address
  • 1930–1939 — William John Hitchcock & Lilian Hitchcock
  • 1940–1944 — no records were collected during the war
  • 1945–1947 — no-one is listed at the address
  • 1948–1951 — Frederick C. Dumbrell & Florence E. Dumbrell (née Hart)[5]
  • 1952–1954 — Florence E. Dumbrell
  • 1956–1959 — Donald G. Burr & Doris E. Burr
  • 1960 — Frank Huckle & Sybil V. Collingridge
  • 1961 — no-one is listed at the address


  • records were not located for 1916-18 (due to the war), 1921, 1932, 1937 and 1955
  • in 1906 and 1907, Alfred's brother John Silvester is also listed at the address
  • from 1912 to 1915, Alfred Charles is listed as renting a room at the address
  • in 1919 and 1920, Alfred's second wife Elizabeth is also listed at the address
  • the 1920 entry is the first to state that Alfred Hitchcock's abode was 23 Jerningham Road, New Cross
  • no records after 1961 were available for searching

Notes & References

  1. The road changed its name between the 1903 and 1904 Electoral Registers.
  2. Greggs acquired the property in 1995.
  3. The exact property was located by referencing a 1950s archive map which included the house numbers.
  4. In the 1911 Census, Benjamin's occupation is given as a carman and the couple are residing at 111 Delaford, Rotherhithe, Bermondsey.
  5. They were married Q4 1944 Lewisham.