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Variety (1941) - Pictures: Cooling on War Stories




Cronin's If Money

David O. Selznick has not purchased A. J. Cronin's "Keys to the Kingdom" outright, but has taken a form of option on it. He paid Cronin $10,000, which includes four weeks' service by the author in working out a screen play. If it is satisfactory, Selznick guarantees Cronin another $40,000 within six months and an additional $50,000 within a year. Producer, at any time, however, may drop the entire deal by making no further payments.

Next important film purchase is expected to be Daphne du Maurier's new novel, "Frenchman's Creek." Alfred Hitchcock, who filmed Miss du Maurier's "Rebecca," has already made an offer on the new work, but it has been nixed as too low.

"Marriage Is a Private Affair," Harper's $10,000 prize-winning novel, which Metro bought last week, brought author Judith Kelly $37,500. RKO's purchase of "A Plague on You," novel by Carroll Graham, was for $15,000.