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Variety (1960) - Pictures: Hitchy in French Alps


  • article: Pictures: Hitchy in French Alps
  • journal: Variety (20/Apr/1960)
  • issue: volume 218, issue 8, page 21
  • journal ISSN: 0042-2738
  • publisher: Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc
  • keywords: Trap for a Solitary Man



Hitchy in French Alps

Hollywood, April 19.

Alfred Hitchcock will produce and direct "Trap for a Solitary Man" as an indie for 20th-Fox release in the French Alps late this year. Twentieth sewed up both legit and film rights to Robert Thomas play, which opened in Paris, Feb. 9.

Hitchcock hasn't been associated with 20th-Fox since he made "Lifeboat" in 1944.