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Variety (1960) - Pictures: Selznick Plotting a 'Hitchcock Festival'


  • article: Pictures: Selznick Plotting a 'Hitchcock Festival'
  • journal: Variety (10/Aug/1960)
  • issue: volume 219, issue 11, page 7
  • journal ISSN: 0042-2738
  • publisher: Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier, Inc
  • keywords: David O. Selznick, Alfred Hitchcock




Selzniek Releasing Organization is planning test engagements of a package of three Alfred Hitchcock films, "Spellbound," "Notorious" and "The Paradine Case" to be shown on one four-hour theatre program under title of "Alfred Hitchcock Festival."

Samuel S. Sigman, SRO domestic sales manager, says that fact that all three pix have been seen on tv will be mentioned in ads. Latter will invite public to see the films uninterrupted by commercials in the comfort of the theatre.

If the program clicks in the test runs, plans will be made to release package nationally. Big success of Hitchcock's current Paramount release, "Psycho," coupled with director's tv fame, seem to be major factors in projected release of "Festival" package.