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Variety (12/Nov/1980) - International: Filmbond May Hold Inventory 5 Years, Per U.K. Customs


  • magazine article: International: Filmbond May Hold Inventory 5 Years, Per U.K. Customs
  • journal: Variety (12/Nov/1980)
  • issue: volume 301, issue 2, page 34
  • journal ISSN: 0042-2738
  • publisher: Penske Business Media
  • keywords: Albert William Ingram (b. 1928), London, England



International: Filmbond May Hold Inventory 5 Years, Per U.K. Customs

Filmbond Services, a new bonded warehouse specifically devoted to film and videotape, has started operations at a plant three miles from London's main airport, Heathrow.

According to managing director Bill Ingram, formerly m.d. of Technicolor labs in U.K., the new bonded store has a unique dispensation from Customs & Excise in that it can store film inventory duty free for five years at a stretch.

Filmbond is shooting for the sort of business done by Bonded Services of Amsterdam, which operates as a free port in Schipol Airport. Ingram says his major customers are likely to be American companies trading in U.K. and Europe and who are continuously shifting prints around.

Ingram is glowing in his praise of British excise men whom he dubs as extraordinarily helpful in setting up the bonded operation. "They asked that everything be computerized, presumably so they can walk in at any time and check what's happening," he says. "That suits us because it adds to efficiency and, more important, security."

Operations manager at the new warehouse is Gerry Byrne, for years customer service manager at Techni. Also involved in the setting up of the operation as a consultant is David Frost, who was largely responsible for establishing Bonded Services in Holland.

Filmbond, which has already built a 12,000 square foot plant, is looking for business in both feature and tv areas and is huddling with local labs to "assume those jobs that are a pain to the labs but which will be grist to us." Positive assembly is cited as one example.

"Perhaps our biggest advantage," says Ingram, "is that we are not just a warehouse operation, we are film people. That and our keen pricing might well make the difference."