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Western Morning News (03/Oct/1927) - A New British Film



A New British Film

I was particularly interested in the film of "The Ring," shown for the first time on Friday night, because it is produced by Alfred Hitchcock, who is to be responsible for the film version of "The Farmer's Wife." "The Ring" is the first of a new series of British films, and is a very complete answer to the pessimists who assert that no good films are made in England. The story is Alfred Hitchcock's own, and the whole atmosphere and setting, which are essentially British, show the most careful attention to detail. It reproduces most faithfully the rollicking holiday spirit of an English country fair, but the great scene is the championship fight in the Albert Hall, at which Mr. Eugene Corri himself acts as referee. "The Ring" marks an epoch in British film production. Hitherto British film directors have too often imitated, with little success, the work of their American rivals, but Alfred Hitchcock has at last got right away from the beaten track.