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Western Morning News (17/Feb/1942) - Amusements in the West: Suspicion



Amusements in the West


If you are looking for subtlety of direction, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock's "Suspicion" at the Odeon is probably the best film in Plymouth.

Here suspense reaches a fine art. Mr. Hitchcock broods over his players like a malevolent fate. He makes the concession of a happy ending, but one feels he does it grudingly. There is some good acting. Mr. Cary Grant, by shifty, selfish ways and an unenviable past, gives his wife, Miss Joan Fontaine, the impression that he intends to murder her. The slightest and most normal actions take on, under Mr. Hitchcock's guidance, an inexorable and macabre meaning.

Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Mr. Nigel Bruce, and Dame May Whitty provide an almost perfect background.