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William Goetz


William Goetz was an American Hollywood film producer and studio executive.

In 1932, Goetz received the financial support necessary from his new father-in-law to become a minor partner with Joseph Schenck, the former president of United Artists, and Darryl F. Zanuck from Warner Brothers to create Twentieth Century Pictures. Zanuck was named president and Goetz served as vice-president. Successful from the very beginning, their 1934 film "The House of Rothschild" was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. In 1935, Twentieth Century bought out the financially strapped Fox Films to create Twentieth Century-Fox.

Goetz served as vice president of the new 20th Century Fox, but in 1942 he took charge of the studio temporarily when Zanuck, a World War I veteran, joined the United States military effort in the Second World War


With Hitchcock...

  • Lifeboat (1944) - executive producer (uncredited)