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Yorkshire Evening Post (28/Dec/1936) - World Famous Carver



World Famous Carver

Charlie Brown is dead. After working at Simpson's in the Strand for 59 years he was pensioned off two moths ago (writes the London correspondent of "The Yorkshire Post"). Deprived of his barons of beef and shoulders of mutton, he sickened, and for the past few weeks he was critically ill.

Charlie Brown, Simpson's head carver, was known to gourmets the world over. Himself almost a vegetarian, he claimed to have carved a quarter of a million joints, He was 78, and until he left Simpson's his hand was steady and eye unfaltering.

His record for a day's carving was 47 saddles of mutton. Just 12 large helpings came from each saddle as he carved it. His best was 37 saddles in one day, a rush occasioned by the coincidence of the Brewers' and Motor Exhibitions.

Charlie Brown's art was record for posterity by his brief appearance in Alfred Hitchcock's new film, "Sabotage."