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39 Steps to the Genius of Hitchcock (2012) edited by James Bell

editor James Bell
publisher British Film Institute (2012)
ISBN 9781844575343 (paperback)
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From his humble beginnings as a greengrocer's son in East London, Alfred Hitchcock rose to become the most famous and celebrated film director the world has ever known, his name a byword for cinematic suspence, excitement and innovation. Comprising 39 lavishly illustrated new essays - many written by some of the world's foremost authorities on Hitchcock's films - '39 Steps to the Genius of Hitchcock' offers a complete portrait of the man the world came to know as the 'Master of Suspense', and a fuller understanding of just what we mean when we describe something as 'Hitchcockian'.

Featuring essays by 39 eminent critics, curators, historians and film-makers, the first BFI Compendium is the essential accompaniment to "The Genius of Hitchcock" season. Includes new writing from Charles Barr, Patrick McGilligan, Laura Mulvey, Camille Paglia, David Thomson and Guillermo del Toro.