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Albert Edward Ingram (b. 1902)

Albert Ingram was the second husband of Alfred Hitchcock's sister, Ellen.


Albert Edward Ingram was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, and worked as a licensed victualler in the London area.

His first marriage was in 1923 to Elizabeth "Bessie" McParlin. The exact circumstances of what happened next are unclear, but Elizabeth married again in 1925 to William Alfred Encell — this was a unlawful marriage and when Bessie was arrested the following year, she pleaded guilty to the charge of bigamy. Albert Edward petitioned for divorce in 1928, although this process took over two years to complete.

By the the summer of 1927, Albert Edward had begun an affair with Alfred Hitchcock's widowed sister, Ellen Kathleen Lee, and they had a child out of wedlock — Albert William Ingram, known as Bill, was born in 1928. According to biographer John Russell Taylor, this was hushed up by the Hitchcock family and Bill was "generally farmed out to foster parents, and had lost contact with his mother for many years".[1]

Following the completion of his divorce, he married Ellen Kathleen in April 1931 and they spent the next few years residing at various public houses in the London area.

It seems probable the marriage failed after a few years and the couple separated but likely didn't divorce.



  • born 1902 in Tarkatan, South Africa


  • William James Ingram (b. ~1899)[4]
  • Percival Joseph Ingram (b. 1904)[5]


Elizabeth "Bessie" McParlin (b. 1902)

  • born 14/Aug/1902[6]
  • married 18/Dec/1923 to Albert Edward Ingram[7] — witnesses were G. Whates[8] and T.G. Gadd[9]
  • unlawfully married 1925 to William Alfred Encell (b. 1891)[10] and later pleaded guilty to a charge of bigamy[11]
  • divorce proceedings from Albert Edward Ingram began in 1928
  • remarried 1932 to William Alfred Encell
  • died 1984[12]

Ellen Kathleen Hitchcock (b. 1892)


Known children of Ellen Kathleen Hitchcock and Albert Edward Ingram

Albert William Ingram (b. 1928)

  • born 09/Apr/1928 at 30 Surrey Square, London, SE17[19]
  • also known as Bill Ingram
  • adoption organised in 1928 by midwife Johanna May Driver (b. ~1881) née Goldschmidt[20][21]
  • worked in the British film industry and by 1971 was vice president in charge of operations of Technicolor Ltd. UK[22]
  • died 2011 in Norfolk[23]


  • 1960s

Family Tree


Census Data


  • address: 3 Norreys Avenue, Hinksey, Oxford
  • John Henry Ingram (aged 36) — head, occupation: pawnbroker's assistant
  • Rosina Ingram (aged 33) — wife
  • William James Ingram (aged 12) — son
  • Albert Edward Ingram (aged 8) — son
  • Percival Joseph Ingram (aged 6) — son

Other Documents


Bessie McParlin

Ellen Kathleen Lee (née Hitchcock)

Research Notes

Telephone Directory Entries

  • 1931 — Ingram Albert E, 309 Evelyn St. SE8 .... NEW X 2850[24]
  • 1932 — Ingram Albert E, 309 Evelyn St. SE8 .... NEW X 2850

Notes & References

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