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Alfred Charles Hitchcock (b. 1888)

During the First World War, Alfred Charles Hitchcock was classified C2[1] in February 1917 and was demobbed in March 1919. His war record indicates he was in the Labour Corps and didn't rise above the rank of private, so probably remained in England doing manual labour.

At the time he died in 1944 aged 57, he was living at 11 Campion Road, Putney, which was the house of his uncle John Silvester Hitchcock. Since the 1939 Register also lists him at that address, he had lived with his uncle for several years.

Alfred Charles' estate was worth the considerable sum of £26,629 11s. 7d.[2]

He is buried at St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Leytonstone.

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Stepbrothers and sister from Emma's previous marriage:

  • George Charles Gollop (b. 1874)
  • Henrietta Sophia Gollop (b. 1877)
  • Thomas Albert Gollop (b. 1875)


  • born 16 December 1888[3]


  • did not marry


  • none


  • died 06/Dec/1944 aged 57[4]
  • probate granted 19/Apr/1945 to George William Britton Kimber (solicitor), estate worth £26,629 11s. 7d.
  • Last Will and Testament

Family Tree


Census Data


Emma is now married to Alfred Hitchcock.

  • address: Bermondsey High Road
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 30) — head, widower, occupation: fishmonger
  • Emma Hitchcock (aged 40) — wife, occupation: fishmonger
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 3) — son
  • George Gollop (aged 17) — step-son, occupation: assistant
  • Thomas Gollop (aged 15) — step-son, occupation: assistant
  • Hetty Gollop (aged 13) — step-daughter
  • Lilley Wetton (aged 12) — servant (general domestic)


Emma is living with her son at her sister's house. address: Station Road, East Ham

  • Alice Booker (aged 46) — head, living on her own means[5]
  • Alice Booker (aged 22) — daughter, occupation: sock and stocking maker
  • Adeline Booker (aged 20) — daughter, occupation: sock and stocking maker
  • Jessie Booker (aged 15) — daughter, occupation: sock and stocking maker
  • Emma Hitchcock (aged 51) — sister, living on her own means
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 12) — nephew


  • address: 79 Tower Bridge Road, Bermondsey
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 49) — head, widower, occupation: fishmonger
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 22) — son
  • Maud Cartwright (aged 28) — servant (cook)
  • Florry Hanafin (aged 22) — occupation: shop assistant (fishmongers)

1939 Register

11 Campion Road, Wandsworth, London

  • Alfred C. Hitchcock (born 16 December 1888) — fish merchant (retired)
  • John S. Hitchcock (born 21 October 1864) — director of fish company (retired)
  • Sophia M. Hitchcock (born 29 June 1882)
  • closed record
  • Ellen Albert (born 24 December 1897) — widow
  • closed record
  • closed record
  • Emma Rhodes (born 9 January 1869) — widow

Other Documents

First World War Service Record

First World War Medal and Award Rolls


Research Notes

  • The 1921 Electoral Registry shows Alfred and Alfred Charles living at 23 Jerningham Road with Elizabeth Hitchcock (wife of Alfred and step-mother of Alfred Charles).
  • By 1927, Alfred was possibly living at 115 Railton Road SE24 (Brixton).[6] By 1936, when he wrote his Last Will and Testament, he was living at 149 Jerningham Road.
  • The Alfred Charles Hitchcock who married Frances Tingley in 1912 in Dulwich, London, was a different person. He was a cabinet maker born in 1880, so of John Hitchcock (occupation: commercial traveller).

Notes & References

  1. C2 fitness essentially meant that Alfred was fit only for doing manual labour.
  2. Equivalent to just over £1,000,000 in 2014.
  3. Birth registered Q1 1889 West Ham. Date of birth given in the 1939 Register.
  4. Death registered Q4 1944 Wandsworth.
  5. Born in Bethnal Green.
  6. Phone book entry for "Alfred C. Hitchcock" at this address in Brixton until the early 1930s.