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Alfred Hitchcock's Boys and Ghouls Together

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's Boys and Ghouls Together


  • Here's Hitch — wishing good night and pleasant screams!


  1. Introduction by Alfred Hitchcock (ghost written)
  2. Homicide, Maybe by Lawrence Treat
  3. Ebony Killer by Robert C. Ackworth
  4. Sea of Troubles by Henry Slesar
  5. Devil in Ambush novelette by C.B. Gilford
  6. The Adventure of the Red Leech by August Derleth
  7. He Was Too Much by Robert Colby
  8. Horn of Justice by Ed Lacy
  9. The 'Backword' Sheriff by Richard Hardwick
  10. Stung by Arthur Porges
  11. Lock Your Door by Donald E. Westlake
  12. To Stop a Fire by Elijah Ellis
  13. A Lesson in Reciprocity novelette by Fletcher Flora
  14. The Ethical Assassination by Frank Sisk
  15. Fat Jow and the Manifestations by Robert Alan Blair