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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (November 1963)



Dear Readers:

Since the first showing of THE BIRDS many moviegoers are convinced I have supernatural powers and can produce a flock of feathered friends wherever I go. I don't wish to disabuse such confidence nor fall from such celestial heights on the wing of their disillusionment, but I must.

Halloween, haunted houses, ghost stores and supernatural manifestations are synonymous. For me they can be calamitous. Hence my appeal to the Boys in Blue each Halloween, and my subsequent incarceration during All Saints' Eve. Here is where I sing a few old songs with the fellows in the constabulary and then return to the safety of my home after the bougainvillea bushes, the high ixora hedge, the patio and garage are checked for anti-Hitchcock merrymakers.

We admit it's all fun until my wife tells me a ghost story and then I'm certain I've heard someone in the house as in August Derleth's story, ADVENTURE OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE, in this issue. This story and Michael Zuroy's, THE AWFUL EXPERIMENT, should supply horripilant material to spook any party, Halloween or otherwise.

Alfred Hitchcock


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