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Alfred Hitchcock's Happiness is a Warm Corpse

front cover of the US edition

Alfred Hitchcock's Happiness is a Warm Corpse


  1. Once upon a Bank Floor... by James Holding, Jnr
  2. The Egg Head by Rog Phillips
  3. Each Night He Pulled the Trigger by Robert Edmond Alter
  4. The Waiting Game by Pat Stadley
  5. Destruction is Always Arranged by Gilbert Ralston
  6. The Happy Death by John Cortez
  7. The Sweater by Richard O. Lewis
  8. IQ — 184 by Fletcher Flora
  9. Kill, If You Want Me! by Richard Deming
  10. Antique by Hal Ellson
  11. Mrs. Gilly and the Gigolo by Mary L. Roby
  12. This Day's Evil by Jonathan Craig
  13. Private and Confidential by Diane Frazer
  14. Never Come Back by Robert Colby



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