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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (March 1968)

March 1968



Dear Reader:

If we may correlate a dog's age to that of man, it occured to me that months of the year can be aged similarly as an indication of what to expect, weather-wise and crime-wise.

Allowing for an age of six for each month, we personify March, for example, at age 18 — capricious, troubled. June is 36 — stable, but anxious to get on with it. September, at 54, is mellow but given to fits of temper. December, aged 72, is liable for anything or nothing.

However, nature and vice being what they are, I fear this will not go beyond the stage of being mere clue to behavior — just as age is with people...

While advance knowledge of what transpires herein is prudently restricted and the reader is kept in suspense, there is coincident instruction on gypsy life, zoology, farmers' daughters, nice old ladies, litter pitchers with big ears, Chinatown, invisible roomers and sculpture, among others.

Many more enlightening subjects will continue to be unobtrusively offered in the coming months, so obtain your registration forms on either Page 99 or 160. You will never be late for class.

Alfred Hitchcock


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