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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make You Weak in the Knees (book)

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Alfred Hitchcock's Tales to Make You Weak in the Knees


  1. Shattered Rainbow by Edward D. Hoch
  2. The Shoe Freak by Stephen Wasylyk
  3. The House Guest by Babs H. Deal
  4. Our Man in Office 52 by Stewart Pierce Brown
  5. Wonderful, Wonderful Violence by Donald Honig
  6. Find Artie Smerz — Dead or Alive by Irwin Porges
  7. The Most Unusual Snatch by Lawrence Block
  8. A Murder is Arranged by Nedra Tyre
  9. Persistent Image by Jules Archer
  10. The Clean Platter by Frank Sisk
  11. The Poisoned Pawn by Henry Slesar
  12. The Lifesaver by Don Tothe
  13. What Frightened You, Fred? by Jack Ritchie
  14. Loyalty by Patrick O'Keeffe
  15. A Place to Visit by Stephen Marlowe
  16. The Man in the Lobby by William Link & Richard Levinson
  17. A Message from Andrea by Robert Colby
  18. Suggestion of Murder by Clayton Matthews
  19. That'll Never Happen No More by Ron Goulart
  20. Family Code by Lawrence Treat
  21. The Art of Deduction by Richard Deming
  22. Living All Alone by John Lutz
  23. Doctor's Dilemma by Harold Q. Masur
  24. Miranda's Lucky Punch by James Holding
  25. Money to Burn by Clark Howard
  26. To Kill an Angel by William Bankier