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Alfred Hitchcock's a Hearse of a Different Color

US paperback

Alfred Hitchcock's a Hearse of a Different Color

  • published in November 1972 in the USA by Dell Publishing (paperback)
  • 207 pages


  • Warning: You can die laughing on Alfie's brand new joy ride!


  1. Dream of a Murder by C.B. Gilford
  2. The Missing Miles by Arthur Porges
  3. Adventure of the Haunted Library by August Derleth
  4. An Estimate of Rita by Ed Lacy
  5. The Full Treatment by Rog Phillips
  6. Another Day, Another Murder by Lawrence Treat
  7. The Living Doll by Richard O. Lewis
  8. The Flat Male by Frank Sisk
  9. Chaviski's Christmas by Edwin P. Hicks
  10. The Case of the Helpless Man by Douglas Farr
  11. Fat Jow and the Sung Tusk by Robert Alan Blair
  12. Echo of a Savage by Robert Edmond Alter
  13. The Nonconformist by William R. Coons
  14. The Sapphire that Disappeared by James Holding