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All Our Yesterdays: 90 Years of British Cinema (1986) edited by Charles Barr

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"All Our Yesterdays" looks at the British film industry from its troubled relations with the state; the links with theater, literature, music hall and broadcasting; to mainstream and independent cinema, genres, directors, stars and individual films. It provides a fresh, wide-ranging and often provocative account of British cinema.


  • Introduction: Amnesia and Schizophrenia - Charles Barr
  • Cinema and State - Julian Petley
  • Under the Shadow of Hollywood - Robert Murphy
  • 'Britain's Outstanding Contribution to the Film': The documentary-realist tradition - Andrew Higson
  • The Lost Continent - Julian Petley
  • A Literary Cinema? British Films and British Novels - Brian McFarlane
  • 'Sister of the Stage': British Film and British Theatre - Geoff Brown
  • Music Hall and British Cinema - Andy Medhurst
  • Broadcasting and Cinema: 1: Converging histories - John Caughie
  • Broadcasting and Cinema: 2: Screen within screens - Charles Barr
  • The 'Other Cinema' in Britain: Unfinished business in oppositional and independent film, 1929-1984 - Sylvia Harvey
  • Scotland: Strategies of Centralisation - Alastair Michie
  • Live Action: A brief history of British animation - Elaine Burrows
  • Riff-raff: British cinema and the underworld - Robert Murphy
  • The Film Society, 1925-1939 - Jen Samson
  • Fitz: The old man of the screen - Denis Gifford
  • Humphrey-Jennings: Surrealist observer - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
  • Paul Robeson: The black man as film hero - Jeffrey Richards
  • Diana Dors - Christine Geraghty
  • Dirk Bogarde - Andy Medhurst
  • Mandy: Daughter of Transition - Pam Cook
  • The Ship That Died of Shame - Jim Cook
  • Frenzy: A Return to Britain - Peter Hutchings


  • Contains many references to Hitchcock's early career in Britain.


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