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Cineaste (2008) - Hitchcock's Romantic Irony


  • book review: Hitchcock's Romantic Irony
  • author(s): David Greven
  • journal: Cineaste (01/Jul/2008)
  • issue: volume 33, issue 3, page 78
  • journal ISSN: 0009-7004
  • publisher: Cineaste
  • keywords: Motion picture criticism, Motion picture directors & producers, Motion pictures, Nonfiction



Review of "Hitchcock's Romantic Irony" - by Richard Allen (2007)

Allen deftly moves from different critical approaches to-and historical perspectives on-Hitchcock, from Romanticism to queer theory, from nineteenth-century England to Expressionist Germany, in which Hitchcock received valuable and influential filmmaking lessons from directors such as the great F.W. Murnau.