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Curzon Street, Mayfair, London

Curzon Street is located within the exclusive Mayfair district of London. It is within the City of Westminster, running from Park Lane to Berkeley Square.

Hitchcock's Films

Secret Agent (1936)

The film opens at 84 Curzon Street on the evening of Wednesday May 10th, 1916, with mourners gathering to pay their respects to the deceased author Edgar Brodie. However, Brodie is in fact very much alive and about the become the spy Richard Ashenden.

In reality, 84 Curzon Street is a non-existent address as the houses only go up to 72.[1]

No Bail for the Judge

Had the film entered production, Hitchcock planned to film the early scenes where Sir Edwin Proud witnesses two prostitutes arguing, and then injures his head saving a small dog from being run over, on Curzon Street and the adjacent Shepherd Market square.[1]

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Notes & References

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