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Ellen Fitzpatrick (b. 1866) née Hitchcock

According to biographer Patrick McGilligan, "Ellen married a man from Cork and died giving birth to their third child. Her husband became legendary in the family as the first relation to emigrate to America, while the daughter who survived Ellen's death, also named Ellen, briefly moved in with the Leytonstone branch when the future director was a young boy."

Ellen, who was also known as "Nellie", married Irishman Stephen Fitzpatrick in October 1892 and it seems that their first three children died within a year of their births, with only the fourth child surviving into childhood. At the time of her marriage, she was living with her brother William at 29 Louise Point, Stratford.

It also seem likely that Ellen herself did not actually die in childbirth, but about a year after the birth of her daughter Ellen.





Stephen Fitzpatrick (b. ~1869)

  • born around 1869 in Ireland
  • son of farmer Daniel Fitzpatrick (b. ?)
  • possibly brother of Thomas Fitzpatrick (b. ?)
  • worked as an engineer and was working as a gas stoker in West Ham at the time of the 1891 Census
  • married 02/Oct/1892 to Nellie Hitchcock in a Roman Catholic ceremony at the Church of St Francis of Assisi, Stratford — the ceremony was performed by Father Cuthbert Wood[2] and the witness were Katie Hitchcock (sister), H. Mineham[3] and Maurice McCarthy[4]


Three children, according to McGilligan, hover four likely births were found during research

Lily Lidia Fitzpatrick (b. ~1893)

  • birth registered Q1 1893 West Ham
  • death registered Q3 1893 West Ham

Kate Fitzpatrick (b. 1895)

  • birth registered Q3 1895 West Ham
  • death registered Q4 1895 West Ham

Catherine Fitzpatrick (b. 1896)

  • birth registered Q2 1896 West Ham
  • death registered Q2 1897 West Ham

Ellen Fitzpatrick (b. 1898)

Also known as "Nellie". This would be the Ellen mentioned by Patrick McGilligan, however her birth in February 1898 doesn't tally with the most likely death registration for her mother which was recorded over a year later.


  • likely died 1899 aged 31[10]

Family Tree


Census Data


  • address: 80 Windmill Lane, Stratford
  • Joseph Hitchcock (aged 42) — head, occupation: greengrocer (employing 2 men)
  • Ann Hitchcock (aged 44) — wife
  • Alfred Hitchcock (aged 10) — son
  • Charles Hitchcock (aged 18) — son
  • Ellen Hitchcock (aged 4) — daughter
  • Emma M. Hitchcock (aged 2) — daughter
  • John Hitchcock (aged 6) — son
  • Joseph Hitchcock (aged 14) — son
  • Mary Hitchcock (aged 17) — daughter
  • William Hitchcock (aged 8) — son


  • address: 46 Manbey Grove, Stratford
  • Joseph Hitchcock (aged 52) — head, occupation: green grocer
  • Annie Hitchcock (aged 54) — wife
  • Ellen Hitchcock (aged 14) — daughter
  • Emma Hitchcock (aged 12) — daughter
  • Kate Hitchcock (aged 9) — daughter
  • Mary Hitchcock (aged 26) — daughter


Ellen is likely working for her brother John Sylvester in Islington. (St.) John Street is only a short walk away from his shop on Chapel Street.

  • address: 64 John Street, Islington
  • Thomas Gahan (aged 49) — head, occupation: Poster Office inspector
  • Catherine A. Gahan (aged 50) — wife
  • John G.W. Gahan (aged 20) — son, occupation: Post Office sorter
  • William P. Gahan (aged 18) — son, occupation: Midlands Railway clerk
  • Catherine M. Gahan (aged 16) — daughter
  • Joseph J. Gahan (aged 10) — son
  • Thomas C. Gahan (aged 14) — son
  • Francis A. Gahan (aged 8) — son
  • Ellen Hitchcock (aged 24) — boarder, occupation: cashier greengrocers and fish
  • Herbert Wright (aged 42) — boarder, occupation: chemist's assistant
  • Maurice Mulvihill (aged 24) — boarder, unmarried, occupation: general accountant

Other Documents


Research Notes

  • There is a 1869 birth registry entry for Stephen Fitzpatrick in Clonakilty, Cork, Ireland, which fits McGilligan's statement Ellen's husband was born in Cork. In the 1901 Census, there is a Stephen Fitzpatrick listed as a widower living in West Ham with a son Daniel (b. ~1894) who was born in London, but this seems to be a different person.
  • There are plenty of possible passenger lists entries for Stephen Fitzpatrick travelling to America, but none which jumped as as definitely being Ellen's husband. There are also probably US Census entries although again difficult to be certain which could be for this Stephen Fitzpatrick.
  • Ellen Snow (aged 21) is listed working as a servant for William Hitchcock (b. 1862) in the 1911 Census, but her birth place is given as Poplar, London, and her parents were likely William H. Snow (b. ~1866) and Mary A. Snow (b. ~1871).

Notes & References

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  2. Born around 1833 in Hyde, Manchester. By 1911, he had retired to The Friary Chilworth, Surrey.
  3. This was likely Hannah Mineham who worked as a corset maker and married Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1893. She was born around 1855 to Irish-born labourer John and Mary Mineham who lived in Poplar, London.
  4. Likely the Maurice McCarthy who was born around 1869 in Ireland and was working as a gas stoker in West Ham (1901 Census).
  5. Birth registered Q1 1898 West Ham. Date of birth given on death registry entry.
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