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Elstree Calling (1930)

directors André Charlot, Jack Hulbert, Paul Murray & Alfred Hitchcock
producer John Maxwell
writers Adrian Brunel, Walter C. Mycroft & Val Valentine
cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene
editor Emile de Ruelle & A.C. Hammond
running time 86 minutes (7,767 feet)
colour black & white/Pathécolor
sound mix mono
aspect ratio 1.33:1
studios British International Pictures
distributor Wardour Films Ltd (UK)
availability DVD


A series of musical and comedy vaudeville and music hall sketches presented in the form of a live broadcast hosted by Tommy Handley.


According to contemporary newspaper reports, British International Pictures planned to release alternative versions of Elstree Calling in nine foreign languages. Each version would replace the linking footage of compere Tommy Handley with a famous actor from that country and some of the segments would be replaced with local acts and performers.[1]

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Notes & References

  1. See, for example, "Elstree Calling in Nine Languages" in Gloucester Journal (13/Sep/1930).