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The Three Eddies

The Three Eddies were a popular American vaudeville act who toured widely in the 1920s and early 1930s, and were one of the acts featured in the British International Pictures film Elstree Calling (1930).

Articles in Variety


New Shows This Week: State

[...] The Three Eddies, colored boys, last year with the Plantation floor show, eased their way to a neat conclusion, No. 3, and made it emphatic through the stepping at the finish. Which reminds that the State is getting to be the cabaret theatre of the city. It's played many a floor entertainer this season, at least [...]


Burlesque: Watson's Fun Show

[...] Franz Marie Texas makes a stunning and pleasing prima donna, working well in team with Paul H. West. The vocal honors go to them undisputedly. Mlle. Babette is a shapely soubret and affords Watson a good foil. The feminine dancing honors go to little Anna Propp, a diminutive ingenue. Creedon and Taye went to good returns in some soft-shoe dances, but the real dance honors go to three colored boys billed as The Three Eddies. On two showings they succeeded in tying the show into knots for a real hit.


Burlesque Reviews: Speed Steppers

[...] Three Eddies, a trio of colored dancers, are on and off helping build up numbers and doing their speciality in the second act. They are a former small time vaudeville combination [...]


Foreign: Mills Back in Paris

The Florence Mills revue returned to the Ambassadeur last week, the colored singer returning from Ostend to play out the time remaining before her London appearance for C.B. Cochrane. With her are Johnny Hudgins, the Three Eddies and Will Vodrey's Plantation Orchestra.



Chick Horsey Knifes Johnny Hudgins—Former to Be Deported (London, Feb. 22.)

A stabbing affray among members of the "Black Birds" company may ruin the revue's continuance here. Johnny Hudgins was wounded by a knife manipulated by Chick Horsey, drunk at the time.

Horsey, of the Three Eddies, has been living with a white woman and having violent rows. Last Friday night Hudgins, who lives in the apartment above Horsey, went down to quell a disturbance and the latter stabbed him. Hudgins' wound is not serious enough to incapacitate him.

No charges have been made on the understanding that Horsey will be deported. Members of the company have refused to go on the stage with him since the affray.

Another dancer has been cabled for as a replacement.


3 Eddies in Vaude (London, Oct. 11.)

Despite an unresponsive audience, the Three Eddies made their vaude debut yesterday at the Palladium and woke the house up by some fast stepping


New at Ambassadeurs (Paris, July 2.)

Howell, Harger and Naldi are opening at the Ambassadeurs. Other newcomers to the same stage are the Three Eddies and Miss Florence.



Clarence Woody, one of the Three Eddies, in hospital, with Duke Ellington arranging for his passage home

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