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Film Comment (1978) - Designed for Film




The Hollywood Art Director, The Museum of Modern Art is recognizing the achievement of the art director, The exhibition, which is on display in the Museum's Auditorium Gallery from May 11 through September 26, focuses on several aspects of film design: 1) the creation of a visual style through the collaboration of director, producer, and art director (notably in films associated David O. Selznick and Cecil B. De Mille); 2) the creation of a studio style (Paramount Art Deco, Universal Gothic, MGM grand bourgeois), which was, more often than not, established by the studio's Supervising Art Director (Hans Dreier, Charles D. Hall, Cedric Gibbons); 3) the personal styles of independent art directors such as Robert Boyle (The Birds), Boris Leven (West Side Story), Dale Hennesy (Young Frankenstein), and George Jenkins (All the President's Men); and 4) the work of the matte artist, the painter/magician who creates, on glass, panoramas rich for wonder (The Wizard of Oz) or ripe for destruction (The Birds).