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San Francisco, California

San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the leading financial and cultural centre of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area. It is the most densely settled large city in the state of California and the second-most densely populated major city in the United States after New York City.

I think Northern California always reminded Hitch of England. There was something about the weather, which was very unpredictable. It was fog and rain and then sunshine and then fog and rain again. It was a moody, strange area — both forbidding and foreboding. I believe that's what intrigued him. It had a kind of mystical quality.
Robert Boyle[1]

Hitchcock's Films

Vertigo (1958)

The majority of the exterior scenes in Vertigo, along with some interiors, were filmed in the city during a 3-week period in September and October 1957. Some of the principal locations included:

Mission Dolores Church and Cemetery

Palace of the Legion of Honor

Gough Street

Fort Point, Golden Gate Bridge

The Birds (1963)

Union Square

The film begins with a short sequence shot in Union Square.

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