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Hitchcock Annual (2002) - "Marnie," the Dead Mother, and the Phantom


  • article: "Marnie," the Dead Mother, and the Phantom
  • author(s): Allan Lloyd Smith
  • journal: Hitchcock Annual (2002)
  • issue: pages 164-180
  • journal ISSN: 1062-5518
  • publisher: Hitchcock Annual Corporation
  • keywords: Nicolas Abraham, American cinema, Analysis, Character, Childhood, Daughters, Emotions, Families, Feature films, Film (Productions), Film (USA), Film directors, Film theory, Sigmund Freud, Freudian Theory, André Green, Marnie (1964), Marnie (Character), Mental Illness, Mothers, Mrs Edgar (Character), Prostitution, Psychoanalysis, Relationships, Sexuality, Theoreticians, Maria Torok, Alfred Hitchcock