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Hitchcock Annual

current editors Sidney Gottlieb
Richard Allen
publisher Columbia University Press

The Hitchcock Annual is a semi-regular journal established by Christopher Brookhouse in the early 1990s, with the initial support of Lesley Brill, Leonard J. Leff, Leland Poague, Kristin Thompson and Margaret O'Connor.

Since volume 10, Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Allen have edited the journal. Gottlieb has also been responsible for setting out the Hitchcock Annual, which is published by Columbia University Press, since 1993.

Other members of the editorial and advisory board have included Diane Carson, Charles L.P. Silet, Charles Barr, Thomas M. Leitch, James Naremore, Paula Marantz Cohen, David Sterritt and Michael Walker.

Individual Volumes

Hitchcock Annual Collections

Two collections of articles from the journal have been published:

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