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Hitchcock Annual (2002) - Book Reviews: "The 39 Steps"


  • book review: Book Reviews: "The 39 Steps"
  • author(s): Sidney Gottlieb
  • journal: Hitchcock Annual (2002)
  • issue: pages 227-231
  • journal ISSN: 1062-5518
  • publisher: Hitchcock Annual Corporation
  • keywords: The 39 Steps (1935), The 39 Steps (2003, Nonfiction), Adaptations, Analysis, Art directors, Auteur theory, British cinema, Careers, Character, Collaboration, Dialogue, Directing, Feature films, Film & television production, Film (International, Europe), Film (Productions), Film criticism, Film directors, Film history, Film scores, Mark Glancy, Mise-en-scene, Monographs, Novels, Postproduction, Production History, Production Personnel, Romances, Screenplays, Screenwriting, Series, Setting, Thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock



Review of The 39 Steps: A British Film Guide (2003) by Mark Glancy