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Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin (27/May/1936) - G-B Slates 24 for U.S. Release Next Season; American Stars Listed





A schedule of 24 features, selected from a total number of 52 to be produced by the parent company in England, will be released in this country during the 1936-37 season by G-B Pictures, it was announced by Jeffrey Bernerd at the opening session of the company's second annual sales convention in New York last Friday. All the films to be released in America are to be of "A" calibre, he stated.

Among the players to appear in next season's G-B program are the following: George Arliss, Constance Bennett, Edmund Lowe, Douglass Montgomery, Richard Arlen, Constance Cummings, Victor McLaglen, Jessie Matthews, Sylvia Sidney, Robert Donat, Clive Brook, Roland Young, Helen Vinson, Mary Carlisle, Ernest Truex, Noah Beery, Nils Asther, Nova Pilbeam, Cedric Hardwicke, Jack Hulbert, Oscar Homolka, Lilli Palmer, Barry Mackay, Hugh Sinclair, Sybil Thorndyke, Richard Tauber, Gina Malo, Will Hay and John Mills.

Best known among the directors are: Raoul Walsh, Alfred Hitchcock, Charles "Chuck" Reisner, William Beaudine, Geoffrey Barkas and Robert Stevenson.


Of the 24 pictures, seven have already been completed. These are:

Constance Bennett in "Everything Is Thunder," with Douglass Montgomery and Oscar Homolka (Oom Paul Kruger of "Rhodes") in the supporting cast.

"Doomed Cargo," co-starring Edmund Lowe and Constance Cummings. An action melodrama "dealing with playboy detective and a new kind of racket."

"The Two Of Us," starring Jack Hulbert and Gina Malo. Comedy with music.

"His Majesty's Pajamas," with Clive Brook, Helen Vinson and Mary Carlisle. Comedy-drama.

"The Marriage of Corbal," story by Rafel Sabatini. Cast headed by Nils Asther, Noah Beery, Hugh Sinclair.

"Where There's A Will," comedy, starring Will Hay and Gina Malo.

"Nine Days A Queen," the story of Lady Jane Grey. High-powered romantic drama, starring Cedric Hardwicke,


Following are the other productions listed on the schedule, several already in production:

"The Great Barrier," story of 'Iron Horse' calibre, starring Richard Arlen, Barry Mackay and Lilli Palmer.

"Everybody Dance," musical with songs by Gordon and Revel. Directed by "Chuck" Reisner.

A second Reisner-directed comedy.

Richard Tauber, famous opera singer in an untitled "modern musical romance."

"Soldiers Three," by Rudyard Kipling, starring Victor McLaglen. Directed by Raoul Walsh.

"Paris Love Songs," musical, starring Jessie Matthews. Songs by Gordon and Revel.

Jessie Matthews in another musical.

"Stranger On A Honeymoon," romantic melodrama by Edgar Wallace, starring Constance Cummings and Hugh Sinclair.

"King Solomon's Mines," famous story by H. Rider Haggard. Roland Young will be starred.

"The Nelson Touch," starring George Arliss.

George Arliss in another vehicle.

Constance Bennett in "The Hawk."

Sylvia Sidney and Robert Donat in "The Hidden Power." To be directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

A second production directed by Alfred Hitchcock. "A mile-a-minute melodrama."

"River of Unrest," action melodrama. No cast selected.

"The Threat," action melodrama. No cast selected.

"The Dark Invader," spy story.