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Motion Picture News (21/Dec/1929) - The Manxman



The Manxman

(British International—Silent)

Ordinary, That's All

(Reviewed by Freddie Schader)

HALL CAINE'S "The Manxman" is here again. Seems as if every so often a producer decides that one of the Caine works must be remade. This edition proves a fairly interesting silent version of the novel and the chances are that in the Class C and D houses with a daily change of program it will get by.

The cast on this occasion is a fairly good one with Anny Ondra in the role of Kate giving a performance that at times suggests she might be capable of far greater things. There is the suggestion of a blonde vamp about this girl that might make her valuable for America.

The story of the triangle love affair between Pete Quilliam, Philip Christian and Kate Cregeen is too well known to detail here. In direction there are several neat touches, but they are so few and far between that there is no general strength to the production.

The principal objection to the production is that it has been made in routine fashion. There is nothing of brilliance about the direction to lift it out of the ordinary run of pictures. You have seen dozens exactly like it.

Even in the daily change houses a strong comedy bill should be played with this feature to make it hold up.

Produced by British International Films. Distributed by Ufa Eastern Div., Inc. Story by Hall Caine. Scenario by Elliot Stannard. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Photographed by J. J. Cox. Length, approx. 6,800 feet. Running time 1 hr. 11 mins. Release date, Dec. 14, 1929.