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Portsmouth Evening News (05/Apr/1930) - Stars in Films: Elstree Calling



Stars in Films

Elstree Calling

"Hello folks! This is Elstree calling." We are in a broadcasting studio and standing by the microphone is Tommy Handley himself. He proceeds to announce for the first time an all-star vaudeville and revue entertainment televisionized from the studio to the Plaza. He gives a signal, and the audience is transported to Elstree. A galaxy of stage and screen stars keep the ball rolling right merrily, amongst whom one recognizes Lily Morris. Will Fyffe, Tommy Handley, Cicely Courtneidge, Jack Hulbert, Jameson Thomas, and a host of others equally well-known. The various items are interpolated with flashes of a humble listener, who has constructed his own television set and is endeavouring to keep pace with the broadcast entertainment. Ignoring the protestations of his wife, he declares that he means to improve his reception. Throughout the show our wireless enthusiast plods, bandaged but unbowed, missing each item by a second or so. Finally we see triumph on bis face. "At last I've got it," he cries. Sure enough, on his television screen, appears Tommy Handley. And Tommy Handler says: "Goodnight, everybody, goodnight." Accompanying this delightful and unusual entertainment is a talkie comedy entitled "Papa's Vacation."