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Reputations: Alfred Hitchcock (BBC, 1999)

Reputations - Alfred Hitchcock
director Tim Kirby
company BBC & A&E (1999)
length approx 120 minutes
also known as Hitch: Alfred the Great (Part 1)
Hitch: Alfred the Auteur (Part 2)

Made to celebrate the centenary of Hitchcock's birth, this British documentary covers Hitchcock's entire career. Surviving collaborators and colleagues are interviewed. The documentary also includes footage from the Kaleidoscope project.

An edited 90 minute version of the documentary was broadcast in 2006.

A further 2 part version, with some scenes removed and others added, was broadcast in 2009 on BBC4.


The following are taken from a VHS transfer of the original TV broadcast...

Part 1 - "Hitch: Alfred the Great"

(c) BBC 1999

Part 2 - "Hitch: Alfred the Auteur"

(c) BBC 1999


  • This documentary has not been officially released on DVD.


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Taken from a VHS recording of the 1999 BBC2 broadcast of the documentary...