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Screen Education (2013) - Hitchcock: A Gentleman who Preferred Blondes


  • article: Hitchcock: A Gentleman who Preferred Blondes
  • author(s): Brian McFarlane
  • journal: Screen Education (2013)
  • issue: issue 70, pages 24-31
  • publisher: Australian Teachers of Media
  • keywords: Arts and Entertainment Industry, Biographical films, Feature films, Film & television production, Filmmakers, Sacha Gervasi, Julian Jarrold, Made-for-TV-Movies, Alfred Hitchcock



Making films about famous historical figures is a dangerous business, as viewers invariably come to the cinema holding onto rumors and misinformed assumptions--and that is before they are presented with the filmmaker's own interpretation. McFarlane considers who these factors play out in two films about Alfred Hitchcock, the controversial master of suspense. The two films focus on Hitchcock's predilection for blondes. They are Sacha Gervasi's "Hitchcock" and Julian Jarrold's telemovie "The Girl."