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The Men Who Made the Movies: Hitchcock (1973)

(Redirected from The Men Who Made the Movies)
The Men Who Made the Movies: Hitchcock
director Richard Schickel
company The American Cinematheque (1973)
length 57 minutes


A look at Alfred Hitchcock's films. The Master of Suspense himself, who is interviewed extensively here, shares stories including his deep-seated fear of policemen, elaborates on the difference between shock and suspense, defines the meaning of "MacGuffin," and discusses his use of storyboarding in designing a film. Clips from many of his greatest films (including "North by Northwest", "Shadow of a Doubt", "The Birds", and the legendary shower scene from "Psycho") illustrate his points, often to Hitchcock's own voice-over observations, with narrator Cliff Robertson offering other critical insights. (IMDB)


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This documentary has not been released on DVD.

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