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This Day's Evil: Alfred Hitchcock (book)

front cover

This Day's Evil: Alfred Hitchcock

  • published in January 1967 in the UK by Four Square
  • 204 pages


  • The master of suspense presents eighteen new thrillers


  1. Lucky Catch by Ed Lacy
  2. The Story of the Intarsia Box by August Derleth
  3. Pousse Cafe by Robert Sheckley
  4. How to Stop Smoking by Henry Slesar
  5. Get-Away by Borden Deal
  6. The Travelling Arm by Jack Ritchie
  7. The Missing Bow by Arthur Porges
  8. The Pulque Vendor by Hal Ellson
  9. Flora Africana by De Forbes
  10. Never Hang Another by Bryce Walton
  11. The Alibi-Makers by Mann Rubin
  12. This Day's Evil by Jonathan Craig
  13. The Sound of Murder by Donald Westlake
  14. I Still Scream by Francis Swann
  15. The Painless Method by Jay Street
  16. Deduct One Wife by C.B. Gilford
  17. Fiesta Time by Douglas Campbell
  18. Where The Finger Points by Jack Ritchie