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Three Live Ghosts (1922)


Three Live Ghosts was directed by George Fitzmaurice and was based on the 1920 play by Frederic S. Isham and Max Marcin.

The scenario was written by Ouida Bergère and Margaret Turnbull, and Alfred Hitchcock designed the intertitle cards.

The film starred Norman Kerry, Anna Q. Nilsson, Edmund Goulding, John Miltern, Cyril Chadwick, Annette Benson and Clare Greet.

According to contemporary newspaper reports, parts of Three Live Ghosts were filmed in the Limehouse district of London, which is the area Alfred Hitchcock grew up in.[1]


A print of the film is believed to exist in the Gosfilmofond film archive in Russia.


Notes & References

  1. Reported in the Dundee Evening Telegraph (27/Feb/1923). There is a remote possibility that Hitchcock himself suggested the filming locations.