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Walter Charles Mycroft

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Royal Aero Club


Walter Charles Mycroft was a British novelist, screenwriter, film producer and director.

He was born in 1890 in Camberwell, London, to journalist Walter Thomas Mycroft and his wife Rosland Agnes. Afflicted by a hunched back, Mycroft only grew to 5 foot 4 inches in adult life.[1]

He started his career as a journalist at the Globe before becoming the film critic at the Evening Standard where he penned articles under the initial "M".

He married Adeline Grace Frances Benns in 1919 at St Nicholas' in Thames Ditton.[2] They had one son, David Rees Mycroft (1927-1987).[3]

When it proved impossible to see F.W. Murnau's Phantom (1922) in London, Mycroft proposed the establishment of a film society to screen films that were commercially unavailable. The London Film Society was formed in early 1925 by Mycroft, along with Ivor Montagu, Sidney Bernstein and others.

At the end of 1927, Mycroft left the Evening Standard and joined John Maxwell's British International Pictures as a scenario editor and literary adviser. The company released large numbers of films in which he was credited as producer, although with varying levels of actual involvement. By 1933, he was in creative control of BIP's Elstree Studios, which allowed Maxwell to concentrate on expanding his cinema chain.

In September 1935, Mycroft was awarded his Aviators' Certificate by the Royal Aero Club.[4]

Following the acquisition of British Pathé in 1937, BIP was renamed the Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC) and Mycroft's role was Director of Productions[5]. A few months after Maxwell's death in October 1940, Mycroft was sacked from the company.

After World War II, he returned to filmmaking and eventually rejoined ABPC, where he worked on films such as The Dam Busters (1955) and Ice Cold in Alex (1958).

Mycroft had begun work on his memoirs but they remained unpublished at the time of his death in June 1959, aged 68, at New End Hospital, London. He was cremated at Goldens Green.[6] His former assistant Charles Sweeting — who penned Mycroft's obituary for The Times — worked on organising Mycroft's memoirs which were eventually published as The Time of My Life in 2006, edited Vincent Porter.


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  • born 1890 in London[7]
  • son of Walter Thomas Mycroft (b. 1865)[8] and Agnes Rosalind Mycroft (b. ~1866) néé Hean[9]
  • brother of Frank Sydney Mycroft (b. ~1892)[10], Dorothy Rosalind Mycroft (b. 1898)[11], Sybil Mycroft (b. ~1903)[12], Phyllis Mycroft (b. 1904)[13] and Muriel Mary Mycroft (b. 1908)[14]
  • died 12/Jun/1959 aged 68 in London[15]


  • married 19/Jul/1919 to Adeline Grace Frances Benns (b. 1896)[16] at St Nicholas, Thames Ditton, Surrey


  • David Rees Mycroft (b. 1927)[17]

Census Details


Infant living at 2 Malt Street, Camberwell, London, with parents.


10-year-old living at 38 Warner Road, Camberwell, London, with parents and siblings.


20-year-old "articled journalist" living at 18 Ashen Grove Wimbledon Park, Wimbledon, Surrey, with parents and siblings.

Research Documents


Royal Aero Club

Royal Aero Club photographic entry and index card for Mycroft, which confirms his Aviators' Certificate.

Probate (1960)


Notes & References

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