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Alfred Hitchcock's Borrowers of the Night

front cover

Alfred Hitchcock's Borrowers of the Night


  • 27 Stories of Mystery and Suspense


  1. The Souvenir by Donald Olson — from AHMM 19(9)
  2. Speak Well for the Dead by Nancy Schachterle
  3. The Girl in Gold by Jonathan Craig — from AHMM 15(9)
  4. Four on an Alibi by Jack Ritchie
  5. The Bag by Patrick O'Keeffe
  6. The Long Curve by George Grover Kipp
  7. The Green Fly and the Box by Waldo Carlton Wright — from AHMM 14(4)
  8. Minutes of Terror by Donald Honig — from AHMM 19(9)
  9. Long Shot by Michael Collins
  10. Puddle by Arthur Porges
  11. A Bum Rap by Marilyn Granbeck
  12. The Snatch by Bill Pronzini
  13. Night Storm by Max van Derveer — from AHMM 13(7)
  14. The Right Move by Al Nussbaum
  15. When This Man Dies by Lawrence Block — from AHMM 9(4)
  16. Busman's Holiday by James Holding
  17. The Feel of the Trigger by Donald E. Westlake
  18. Public Office by Elijah Ellis — from AHMM 9(4)
  19. The Beast Within by Margaret B. Maron
  20. Where Have You Been, Ross Ivy? by Pauline C. Smith
  21. Bronze Resting by Arthur Moore
  22. Dead End by Stephen Wasylyk
  23. The Trouble Was by Ron Goulart
  24. The Grapevine Harvest by Ed Dumonte
  25. Final Acquittal by Edward Wellen
  26. Mousetrap by Edwin P. Hicks — from AHMM 13(2)
  27. The Adventure of the Haunted Library by August Derleth — from AHMM 8(11)