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Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine (July 1968)

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Dear Reader:

As Independence Day draws near, we are reminded that freedom inspires daring deeds. History is replete with such accounts, and so is this magazine, though herein there often develops certain changes in that inspirational condition.

Soon now — actually, at the flip of a page — another convention of some of the most highly qualified writers of suspense in the land will be called to order, each of them striving to win the nomination. The politicking is varies and admirable, and there promises to be more than a few surprises. A bludgeon here, a shot there — live coverage becomes difficult.

However, as your reported on the scene, I switch you with confidence from one spectacle to the next. No matter that so much else occurring this year is fraught with uncertainty. I, for one, feel quite comfortable that every issue of this magazine will prove to be, as those that have gone before, a rousing assemblage of the macabre. You are entitled to register as a continuing delegate on Page 160 or the inside back cover.

Alfred Hitchcock


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